Sunday, May 17, 2015

Common glassware in Dutch Still Life painting during the Golden Age – Jugs.

This is a continuation of the series about glassware in Dutch paintings.  It is time for Jugs – These were made of ceramic either white, white and blue or brown looking more earthenware. They had a metal (pewter) cap attached to the handle and can be opened by pressing a thumb-lever just like a German stein today. The jugs were used for both beer or white wine. Vermeer used a white one for “The Music Lesson”, “The Sleeping Maid”, “this beautiful white-blue one for “The Procuress” and “Girl interrupted at her music” amongst others.

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Johannes Vermeer – The Procuress - @ GemäldegalerieAlteMeister of Dresden, Germany

@ the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

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