Monday, October 6, 2014

Common glassware in Dutch Still Life painting during the Golden Age, the Berkemeyer.

Berkemeyer – This German/Dutch glass was definitely popular in Holland at the time and it was included very often in still life paintings of the time. It looks very similar to a roemer, both being hollow with a thick stem; however the Berkemeyer top is a conical bowl whether the Roemer is oval. Berkemeyers are the most commonly found glass from the Seventeenth century, at the time was customary to hold it by the foot as shown in these details from Vermeer’s “The Glass of Wine” (at left) or Frans Hals “The Merry Drinker” at right.

Some examples of Berkemeyers
@ Getty Museum, Los Angeles
@ Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto
My own …replica from the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
In a “Vermeer” theme photo painting. Tip over as a symbol of fleeting life.

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