Friday, March 28, 2014

Modern photographic renditions of Johannes Vermeer paintings

Very recently I posted one of my “Vermeer” photographs in my Facebook page (Levin Rodriguez Photography). One of my friends searched the “original” and commented about the story behind my version or extension as I call them. I realized that my rendition meant much more to her once she compared it with the actual Vermeer painting. This was a kind of a revelation to me, because I assume that most people know Vermeer’s oeuvre and that they are familiar with his 35 paintings. They are not so many after all.
Therefore I have decided to compile both versions in this post. At left you will have Vermeer’s painting, at right my rendition, you would have to click on it to read the story behind it.  Alternatively, you can come to on June 11-15th to an Exhibition in the McKay Art Centre, Unionville Markham to see them printed on canvas, which in itself enhances the painting effect.  The Exhibition details are here
Blog2014__20130402_GirlInterruptedWrittingALetterNGAW Blog2014__20130210_GirlWrittingALetterSmiling
Blog2014__20130402_WomanHoldingABalanceNGAW Blog2014__20140316_Vermeer_GirlPlayingWithBalance
Blog2014__20121209_Jan_Vermeer_van_Delft_008[1]-2 Blog2014__20121028_vermeer-LittleGirlWithAPearlNecklace
Blog2014__20120625_wtrpitch Blog2014__20121216_Vermeer_GirlOpeningWindow
Blog2014__20130408_girl-reading-a-letter-by-an-open-window-by-johannes-vermeer Blog2014__20130308_Vermeer-TheLetterReader
Blog2014__20130408_2012-06-30 07.37.15 Blog2014__20121026_Milkmaid-FootWarmerFinal
Blog2014__20130408_2012-06-30 07.20.31-2 Blog2014__20121028_vermeer-LittleGirlPlayingViolin
Blog2014__20130408_Jan_Vermeer_-_The_Astronomer Blog2014__20120813_FAA_Vermeer_TheGeographerPhoto
Blog2014__20130424_Girl with an pearl earring Blog2014__20121014_MarianaGirlWithPearlEarringSmiling_ADBE1998-2
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