Friday, August 12, 2011

A California loop produces over 1500 photos…

Okay, not all of them are amazing but the trip certainly was. You can easily shoot the 1,500 photos mentioned just in Yosemite National Park. I saw a few people who probably did that. When I look back on my loop I realize that I should have probably shot 4500. California has a variety of landscapes, more than any other region I have visited in my life. Our 1250 miles or 2011 km loop included
  • Los Angeles
  • Route 1 from LA to Monterrey
  • Monterrey to Oakhurst which is outside Yosemite National Park
  • Yosemite National Park, including Mariposa Grove and Yosemite Valley
  • The Tioga Pass all the way to Lee Vining
  • Bodie Ghost Town and Mono Lake
  • Route 395 to Lone Pine, the closest town to Death Valley National Park
  • Death Valley
  • Route 190 to Death Valley junction to Barstow
  • Barstow to LA
This is a long distance, however, it covers only a portion of Central California roughly a 1/3 or a ¼ of it. In this small section, we went through rocky, mountainous, dry coastal landscapes, beautiful sandy beaches, hilly meadows with grass and spotted trees, lush forests in granite rocky mountains with giant trees including sequoias, pines,etc., gorgeous valleys with fertile meadows bathed by rivers surrounded by waterfalls and granite mountains, snow peaked mountains, with gorgeous blue, pristine water lakes, extremely salty lakes with precipitating formations, desert dunes, deserted planes, the driest, lowest, hottest and most desolated landscape in North America,, beautiful golden badlands, mountains and hills with colorful exposed minerals, etc. We went from over 9500 feet in the Sierra Nevada Mountains ,near Lee Vining, to –282 feet in Badwater basin, Death Valley.
In this regard, California is a dreamland for the nature admirer, the photographer or even just the family. The state has carefully built `Vista Points` along their highways. Not just around the world famous Route 1 or Yosemite National Park, but almost anywhere you go. This allows everyone to travel safely and at your own pace and admire California’s beauty. I am working now feverishly on stitching panoramas, cropping and some other post-production tasks. I will soon be publishing some photos here, Flickr and in my Galleries. You can now follow me on Twitter - if you want to be notified right away when it happens.

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